April 10, 2009


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Well,talk about abandonment issues. We’ve moved in to the house, and have been in for about four months now. While we’re not saving for the house any more we’re still looking at ways of reducing costs and trying to save money. Yesterday we received a notice our rates were going up because we had improved the property, I guess that’s what they call building a house at our local council.

I’ve been thinking about this blog and how to use it. As well as going over ways we save money or reduce costs I’m thinking of listing ways I’ve wasted money too, things I’ve bough I shouldn’t or decisions that didn’t work out the way I thought they would that way someone else may benefit from my mistakes.

November 4, 2008

Build Relationships and Ask

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Want to save money? If your request is reasonable why not just ask?

Today I wanted to make a banana cake so I wandered around to the local deli where there were great bananas for $3.99kg. That was all good and well but I didn’t want prefect bananas, I wanted over ripe ones so I asked if had any that had passed their best and sure enough there was ‘a box out the back’ so I picked up some for $1.99 a kg. Half price bananas for a home made banana cake, perfect.

One reason this worked is that I have come to know David, the owner, by shopping locally and taking the time to have a chat. Once people get to know you as a regular a whole new world of cheaper options and bargains opens up to you. It also works with a local cafe, who I help with their IT needs every now and then.

Build local relationships with local traders and ask exactly for what you want. It’s a great way to save.

May 28, 2008

Baby Food

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We have four kids (thank you, we do have a television) with two of them under the age of 1. The twins aren’t eating our meals yet so we were faced with forking out large sums for jars of food or making our own. Given the cost of baby food, and double that at each meal, it was a simple choice.

We now buy a pile of veggies at the market each weekend; the good ones to get for this are the cheaper rejects out the front, it’s going in to ‘mush’ that day so it doesn’t matter. Then it’s simply a matter of chopping them up in to similar sized bits, throw them in the steamer until they are soft and then mush them up. For $7 this week we got a weeks worth of evening meals for the twins. In comparison to two jars each at about $1.50 a jar that’s a saving of around $14.00 a week. Add to that the food being healthier and the joy of cooking for your children it’s a great thing to do.

Home made baby food.


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I’m Tony and I’m starting this blog to keep track of ways we are saving money. I’m hoping that by writing down how we are trying to save will help with motivation to keep saving and finding new ways to save. Not that we need much motivation : six mouths to feed and rent and mortgage to pay should be sufficient motivation enough.

Why are we renthing and paying mortgage? We’re building our first family home and the progress payments have just started kicking in so for the next six to eight months we’ll be paying rent and increasing amounts of mortgage. Ouch.

Why do we have six mouths to feed (not including cats)? Well, it was just going to be five but unexpected twins made it six.