November 4, 2008

Build Relationships and Ask

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Want to save money? If your request is reasonable why not just ask?

Today I wanted to make a banana cake so I wandered around to the local deli where there were great bananas for $3.99kg. That was all good and well but I didn’t want prefect bananas, I wanted over ripe ones so I asked if had any that had passed their best and sure enough there was ‘a box out the back’ so I picked up some for $1.99 a kg. Half price bananas for a home made banana cake, perfect.

One reason this worked is that I have come to know David, the owner, by shopping locally and taking the time to have a chat. Once people get to know you as a regular a whole new world of cheaper options and bargains opens up to you. It also works with a local cafe, who I help with their IT needs every now and then.

Build local relationships with local traders and ask exactly for what you want. It’s a great way to save.